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Club Info

Location & Contact


The club facilities can be found on the Recreation Field in Crosthwaite, LA8 8HU, on the corner opposite the Village Hall.

There is a car park here too.


If you would like any more information about the club, membership, or events, please contact one of the committee members using the details below.

If nobody is available, one of the committee will do their best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Club Chairman - Val Nicholls

Contact for general enquiries.

Tel: 07780 115509


Club Secretary - Brian Leigh-Bramwell
Contact for facilities enquiries, club communications, events information.

Tel: 01539 568751


Club Treasurer and Membership - Roger Brooks
Contact for all membership enquiries.

Tel: 01539 568955


Welfare Officer - Chris Mowat
Contact for any concern or query about Welfare and Child Safeguarding.

Tel: +44 7717 293722

Club rules

Club Rules

Although we’re generally a very friendly and relaxed club, we do have a few “rules” that we would like all players to follow in order to maintain a happy, inclusive, and safe club.


  • For all games and sessions, please use the booking app to book the court prior to use. This prevents confusion on timings.

  • All non-members must book and pay to access the court, and are restricted to between the hours of 7am and 4pm.

  • Please remember to lock the court with the padlock after use to maintain court security, as well as lowering the net.

  • Please respect the court surface. The court is for tennis activities only. Activities like skateboarding cause considerable damage to the surface and as such, are not allowed.

  • If using the ball machine, please take care to return it to the pavilion and put it back on charge, with all balls in the cage and put away neatly in the cupboard. Unfortunately, the machine must not be used when it rains, or even with a damp court surface, as this will block the machine with tennis balls. There is a minimum age of 15 to use the ball machine, unless supervised by an adult (over 18 years of age). 

  • The pavilion is a shared space, and should respectfully be left clean & tidy after use. If there are any issues, please contact a member of the committee above.


The Important Bits

We take issues like Child Safeguarding and the Right to Equal Opportunities seriously. The links below provide more information on the policies that we follow for each. 

Child Safeguarding

In accordance with LTA Safeguarding Guidelines we have a Welfare Officer, Chris Mowat, who is available to offer advice and guidance. For further details on Safeguarding policy and helpful information, click Learn More below. 

Equal Rights Document 

The club sits within the Crosthwaite & Lyth Recreational Trust site and therefore we adhere to their Equal Rights guidelines, which you can download here

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